Mercator Transport

A global player in transport solutions, providing peace of mind for any transport needs. We move, at every stage of the journey, to assure quality, competitive costs and optimal delivery.

Our team is based on specific knowledge on Maritime transport, Air freight, Land transportation and international business scope, being our key values #Innovation #quality #commitment #taking care and #creative thinking .

With owned offices in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Pilar, Rosario, Córdoba y Tucumán), Uruguay (Montevideo) and Spain (Madrid), reaching Buenos Aires, Rosario, Tucuman and Montevideo.

Supply chain is evolving, global trade is #Moving #Forward. Welcome to Mercator.

Logistics for Life

We provide global supply chain solutions. Our environment and reality are part of a complex mix of actions to put objects in the right place and any specific moment. Our role is key to make this happen. Logistics is part of our daily life. This is #logisticsforlife.

TEUS (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) TEUS moved annually
of air cargo flying around the world through our services
of bulk cargo moved end to end as average per year

Integrated Global Network

Our core services are focused from or to South America but our network is truly global through best-in-class agent partners all around the world. We take it seriously at both ends of supply chain so that your counterpart can get tailored assistance, no matter where we are there. Take a short trip for a moment with some iconic views worldwide. Your cargo is there, we are there. North America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, China, South East Asia and Oceania.

Our Core Services

Export Logistics

Grains and agriproducts, fruits, proteins, dairy, tobacco, sugar, wood, plastics, minerals and foodstuffs.

Import Logistics

Textiles, machinery and parts, fertilizers, spare parts, autoparts, pharma and retail.

Project Cargo

Special deliveries, oversized, projects.

Integrated Logistics

Rail, trucking, warehouses, port operations.

Logistics Consulting

International Transport of BULK liquid, grains and fobbing.

Connecting Global Trade

Sea freight services always thinking outside the box.
Container transport with best balance between cost and benefits on operational choice.
- Export, import, full (FCL) and consolidated cargo (LCL).
- Cross Trade.
- All in one coordination and shipment follow up.
- Documents and cargo flow.
We put your business high in the sky.
Fast, efficiently, timely accurate.
General and refrigerated cargo.
Time sensitive shipments.
Direct shipments.
Consolidated cargo.
Live animals.
Door to door services.
By land, we also cross the globe.
From/to every remote place we assure to get the best roadmap solutions.
Trucking transport.
Integrated supply chain.
Rail transport.


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Our service is provided on sustainable basis and environmentally friendly actions Learn more about our SUSTAINABILITY POLICIES in our Download area.

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